Tim & Agustín

When Tim and Agustín contacted us about covering their wedding, we already knew them both from work, so it was a natural fit for all of us. In fact, the villa they chose for the ceremony was one that I had shot some years before for a magazine. It was wonderful to have the oportunity to see it as the venue for what was quite the social event.

Due to thir strong involvement in the community of Puerto Vallarta, the guest list was stellar.  Seating was semi-circular to allow maximum visibility and our movement was limited for that sama reason.  But with the two of us, we were able to caputre images that truly demonstrate the heartfelt ceremony.

And afterwards was the party.  Can I say that this group believed in having a good time? Singer/sngwriter Kim Kuzma followed the traditional mariachi to bring the crowd to the dance floor in high spirits. The final touch was the release of the "globos de Cantoya" on one ot the beaches of Los Muertos here in Puerto Vallarta.

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