Deneen & Pete

We first met Deneen and Pete when they were here in Puerto Vallarta last year making plans for their wedding at @Terra Noble in May of this year. Thank you Bárbara Fanscik of @WeddingsVallarta for connecting us.  Right from the beginning we clicked. It was that day that we did thier engagement (save  the date) shoot...and when they returned now last month for the big day, it was like meeting old friends.  I cried during the special vows they each wrote for the  other, particularly when Deneen called on the memory and presence of her late father and mother.  The yellow petals signify her mother and the special toast of beer during the ceremony was a tip of the hat to her father.  It´s not difficult to say that this was one of our favorite all-time weddings.  Wishing them both all the love that they have for each other today for ever day of their life together.