Jean & Justus

When Jean talket to me about the idea of getting married at Xinalany, I asked her if she had been there before.  It´s a beautiful yoga retreat on the coast of Banderas Bay, accesible only by boat.  Since the date they chose was in the rainy season, I strongly encouraged a  morning ceremony. Eventually we organized all the details (cake, hair & makeup, flowers) through our local contacts. And on the morning the four of us (Lynn the minister, Dulce the stylist, and Cergio and my self) were on the panga headed out to Xinalani, I was ablle to relax about the weather.  It was a gorgeous morning! Jean & Justus included her ten-year old daughter as part of the ceremony which Lynn Roguers performed under the canopy of the trees, hig up on the cliff-side yoga shala, with a broad view of the sea.  Post-ceremony portraits were also shot on the lovely sand beach nexto to the retreat. Who said it was not a perfect place for a wedding?

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